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Website Visitor Identification

If you’re tracking your website traffic, then you know that lead generation can be a challenge. Visitors come and go without engaging in your lead generators and contact forms. 

It doesn’t mean they’re not interested. They’re doing what we all do, shopping around. So, how do you market to these anonymous visitors? Website visitor identification software.  

What is website visitor identification?

It’s a lead generation strategy.  

On average, only 2% of your website visitors will leave their contact information. Visitor identification software helps identify the other visitors who come to your site and leave without reaching out to you. This allows you to re-target these visitors with online ads, marketing campaigns, and content that may be valuable in assisting them as they do research on your products and services.  


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How does website visitor identification work?

The software compares the IP addresses of your website visitors against a database of IP addresses used by companies online.  

What information does it provide?

Website visitor identification software can typically identify 40% of the visitors who come to your site with 99.9% accuracy.  

  • Names associated with the IP address
  • Addresses 
  • Phone numbers 
  • Frequency of visits 
  • Time spent on site 

It also tells you more about what pages they’re visiting on your site which offers insight on the content your site visitors see as most useful and helpful.  

How can your business use this information?

Web designer planning application for mobile design, technology and business concept.

Re-target with digital campaigns (internal link to digital campaigns page) 

Re-target with mailers 

Content Development Strategy 

Website Development  

Sales Strategy 

Identifying Customer Personas 

Not sure your website and lead generators are getting the job done?

Get a free website audit and marketing assessment and talk to us about generating leads through website visitor identification.

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